Eakin Creek Road – June 23, 2013

Early on Sunday morning we gathered at the Lac des Roches viewpoint (supposedly the most photographed view in the Cariboo) and then convoyed some 30 kilometers along Highway 24 to the lower (eastern) end of the Eakin Creek Road.

This is one of the more picturesque alternate routes up the “Big Hill”.  A winding narrow gravel road that climbs along the creek route, sometimes far above the rushing water, sometimes right beside the tumult,  Eakin Creek Road is formerly the main wagon and motor vehicle route to access the South Cariboo plateau from the North Thompson River at Little Fort.  Before it was built, the only access was via a pack trail that itself followed the First Nations trail from the river level to the plateau.

There are many spots along the way to stop and photograph.  Wildlife, streams, wildflowers, old corrals and loading chutes, rock cliffs, scree slopes – the route abounds with photographic opportunities.  No wonder it is one of our favourite annual field trips.

There are also off shoots from the main road: logging roads accessing cut blocks, lakes, and Highway 24.  Most are only suitable for a high slung short wheelbase 4 wheel drive vehicle operated by an adventuresome driver.

Here are a collection of the photographers at work.  Thanks to Curtis Wolfe for the photographs.

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