Removing Unwanted Stuff

Below is a photo of an old cabin.  When I took it, I didn’t notice that there were some foreground blurred saplings which detract mightily from the image.  What steps (detailed please) can I follow to remove them.  Following the saplings, from their base, up through the photo, behind and adjacent to them are a complicated series of lines and tones – snow, logs, roof, intricate branches.  Using the healing brush may be possible, but is there a better way?


Here’s cleanup by Larry Citra, who comments:

I must say my first reaction, when I saw this image with the beautiful sunlight illuminating the log cabin ………… and all the blurry saplings in the foreground, was to tell you to go out with a pair of pruning shears and remove the offending saplings. Then wait for another sunny day!!!

But I decided to try and save the shot. So, with the use of the clone tool, healing brush and content aware fill, I made an attempt at cleaning it up.

I was working on a very low res image so it is not perfect, but it is passable.

Here is the result.

The improvement is obvious.  Not only are the unfocused saplings removed, but so are the electrical and telephone connections.  Great job Larry!

But not satisfied with the above, Larry has done further editing.  Can you see the additional changes?


But then I had to tinker further.  I opened the above image in Photoshop and applied a Redfield plug-in called Fine Touch.  Here’s the result:

Your comments are always welcome ....

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