How Timely Is This?

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Your current Assignment is Low Angle images.  And Picture Correct has heard your call for help!  See if you are in need of some inspiration.

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BLPG Website Update – New Photos Added

Lizzy-2 - © - Sharon Jensen

Lizzy-2 – © – Sharon Jensen

You better check us out!

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A Treat – New Photos Added to BLPG website

Portrait Red©Nigel hemingway

Portrait Red©Nigel Hemingway

Jump on over to the Bridge Lake Photo Group website to see what members have been up to.  Lots of new photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Creative Multiple Exposures

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 7.39.15 AMHere’s a bunch of simple ideas from photographer Mark Hamblin which will help you make beautiful impressionistic images from very simple double exposures.

For example, set up a scene, set your camera to take a double exposure, take the first photo, slightly de-focus your camera and take the second photo. Why not give it a try?

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It’s Easy To Level Your Photo. Isn’t It?

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If we look at a landscape photo and the horizon isn’t level. it almost immediately and uncomfortably catches our eye and distracts us from appreciating the subject.

As photographers, it is important then that we make sure our photos are level.  Many cameras have a built-in level, or you can use a bubble level on your tripod.  Or you can correct an off-kilter image in post-processing.  Easy eh?

Well, not quite so fast as this article from Photography Life shows.

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Landscapes Canada Facebook Group

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Not everyone likes Facebook.  In fact, although hundreds of millions of people around the world are members, there are other substantial numbers who abhor social media, including Facebook, and want no part of it.  Nevertheless, bear with me.

Landscapes Canada is a Facebook group which, as it name makes obvious, is devoted to showing Canadian landscape photographs taken by its members.

Why look at it?

Well, first, it shows some stunningly beautiful places in our country, many of them worth a visit.  But it also shows how ordinary landscapes, such as your neighbourhood, can be the subject of excellent landscape photos.

Second, it features many fine Canadian photographers, which is inspiring in itself.

So, if you have an interest in landscape photography check out the link.

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If you had trouble …

If you had trouble following the link in the last post, you weren’t alone!  The difficulty has been fixed and you can see the post here

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These Cleverly Composed Photos Play with Shadows, Lines, and Space

Here’s an interesting exercise: find similar coincidental compositions in your environment.  You’ll never look at the world the same again!

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DxO Acquires the Nik Collection from Google

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You can read all about it here.

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How Photojournalists Capture the Moment

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From CBS News Sunday Morning, here’s a video which every photographer should watch simply for its message.

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Photo Outing: Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park


Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park – ©Derek Chambers

On Sunday, October 22, 2017 anyone interested is invited to come along as we do a Photo Outing to Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park.  We will congregate at the Lac des Roches viewpoint for an 0900 departure.  Or you can meet us at the Eakin Creek parking area (when travelling west from Little Fort, it is the pull out just after the bridge over Lemieux Creek) at 0930.  We will spend a few hours photographing this beautiful creek upstream along the stretch from its intersection with the Telus the right-of-way to the waterfall.

Eakin Creek Canyon Route

To get ready for the Photo Outing, take a moment to watch this video.  It will show you why you should bring a polarizer, a macro lens, a flashlight (or small LED light), and a reflector (I will have a reflector for you to use if you don’t have one).  Lets hope it’s a gray day!  Whatever the weather, the outing will go forward, so dress appropriately (yes Mum ).

If you have any questions or comments be sure to come to our next BLPG meeting on Thursday, October 19 where we will settle on the final details.

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New Camera Lust and how why you might feel it ….

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Hankering after a new, better, more powerful, bells-and-whistles festooned camera?  Better read this first.


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BLPG Meeting Reminder!

Early notice of a BLPG meeting, Thursday, September 21 at the Interlakes Community Centre (aka Roe Lake Hall).  More info to come …

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New Theme for July and August: Multiple Exposure

Lush - © Larry Citra

Lush – © Larry Citra

Alright photographers – here’s your assignment for July and August: take some multiple exposure photographs.

Some of you have cameras which limit you to only two images appearing in an in-camera multiple exposure.  Others have cameras which allow from two to ten photos to be stacked into a single multiple exposure.  It doesn’t matter which type of camera you have – all can be used creatively to make interesting multiple exposures.  You need to work at it though.  Like everything in photography, you can’t just step outside and snap off masterpieces!

Here’s a few things you might want to try as you experiment:

  • choose a scene which has contrasting light and dark or contrasting colour; take your first photo.  Now overlay it with another photo which puts light over the dark of the first, or a different colour over one of the colours in the first.
  • set your camera up for the maximum number of photos it allows in a multiple exposure and for a fast continuous shutter; point it at a subject, and:
    • rotate the camera while holding the shutter button down (you can rotate the camera around the center point of the scene in the viewfinder or, you can try rotating the camera around a point near one of the corners of the scene in the viewfinder); or,
    • zoom the lens while holding the shutter button down; or,
    • jiggle the camera a little bit while holding the shutter button down; or,
    • run towards the subject while holding the shutter button down; or,
    • swing yourself around, pointing the camera at an angle, while holding the shutter button down; or,
    • get into a grove of trees, point the camera straight up and spin around while holding the shutter button down (go on, do it! who cares what the neighbours might think?).
  • Take a long shot of your subject.  Now take a close up.
  • Take a silhouette shot (place your subject in shade against a bright background and reduce the exposure so the subject is dark, but the background is correctly exposed); now take a shot of some lighter flowers.

Have fun!

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New Photos on the BLPG website

New photos continue to be added to the BLPG website.

Since we meet twice a month where, among other things, we view 30 or 40 new photos submitted by members, and since those photos are added to our website, there are always new treasures to see.

In the past little while some of us have gone to the Ancient Forest, Mount Robson, waterfalls, Bella Coola, Farwell Canyon, Victoria and other parts of the world.  Travelers bring back photos for our viewing pleasure.  And for yours.

Why not take a peek?

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