Using Lab To Make Your Image POP

Minor Editing in Lightroom
Enhanced Contrast

Here’s a simple way, using Photoshop, to make your images pop. And you’ll learn a bit about using the colour mode Lab (L=Lightness, a=Channel a, b=Channel b).

It’s hard to show the difference, in a post, between the two photos above. To properly see the effect, click first on one photo above and then on the other. Both images should open as Tabs in your browser. Simple click back and forth between the two to see the difference.

Let me describe the process.

Open your image in Photoshop. You are going to duplicate the image (not the layer). You do this by selecting Image>Duplicate, checking the box which says Duplicate Merged Layers Only (it will be greyed out if there is only one layer), and accepting the suggested name for the image file (the original name with the word copy appended). This will result in a new image file being created.

Make sure that the new file is selected and then Image>Mode>Lab Color.

Now highlight your original image file/tab. Create a new blank layer (select + at the bottom of the layers panel). Again, go up to Image>Apply Image, but make sure that the Source is the copy image, select b as the Channel, the Layer is Background, the Blend Mode is Multiply at 100%. Select OK.

Finally change the blend mode of the new layer to either Overlay or, if the effect is too much, to Soft Light. To see the effect, toggle the visibility of the new layer off and on. Note that you can also change the Opacity of the new layer.

You can now delete the image you created by duplicating.

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Keyboad Shortcuts for Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) 2020

If you look in the Members Area – Helpful Information For Members you’ll see that a new document has been added.  It’s by Julianne Kost and, in ten pages(!), it lists all the keyboard shortcuts for ACR 2020.

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New Documents Added To BLPG Website

Two new documents, both by Niel Bennett and both in pdf form, have been added to the BLPG website under the tab Members Area > Helpful Information for Members.

The first is on Long Exposure Photography and is filled with good advice and fabulous photos;

Long Exposure Photography Post

The second presents a new view of Light Painting.

Check them out.  I am sure you’ll find one or both interesting.

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Too Much Time On Your Hand? Here:



Follow this link and do what she says:

Note that the multiple exposures are just a series of single shots for each of which you move the camera just a little bit.  Got a barn nearby, or an old shed, or any subject.  You’ll be amazed at what will come out at the end.  Go on, have some fun!

Thanks to Sharon Jensen for discovering this blog post.

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The Treasures of the Rijksmuseum


Latona and the Lycian Peasants – Jan Brueghel c.1605

Do you use textures or overlays in your photo editing?  If so, you might be interested to know that Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum allows you to download and edit images any of thousands of objects (paintings, sculptures, drawings, furniture, clothing …).

And once you’ve downloaded the image, you can select parts of it to use in your editing.


Detail: Latona and the Lycian Peasants – Jan Brueghel c.1605

If you want a real challenge, how about showing a framed version of a famous work hanging on the wall of a room you’ve photographed.

Or do something like this (recognize the background?).


K23-S6499 – Waiting – Derek Chambers

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A Timely Reminder

Clock Dial Face | eBay

Is your camera smart enough to automatically adjust for the move from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time?  It is worth checking.

Look into the menu system and find the time setting entries.  There should be a mention of Daylight Saving Time.  If so, check whether a simple On/Off setting is used; if so you’ll probably have to switch its setting on Sunday so that the time stamp on your photographs is correct (although you should check your camera’s user manual just to be sure).

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Lightroom Lost My Pictures!!!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 2.50.14 PM

The file could not be found

How many times have you cursed Lightroom for losing your photos?

Anthony Morganti has the solution:


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Running a Mac of some sort? Don’t upgrade to Catalina just yet!

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 5.05.51 PM

Warning for Mac Users about Catalina

Here’s an article from PetaPixel that you might want to pay attention to if you work with Macs of any flavour.

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And The Winners Are …

The favourite photos, as selected by members of the Bridge Lake Photo Group, from the 2019 Photo Scavenger Hunt can be found here. Go take a look – you’ll be impressed.

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David Yarrow

Check this out!

You will be. astonished.

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Photographers Caught Without Their Camera!

Count how many Bridge Lake Photo Group members, on the recent Field Trip to the Nemaiah Valley in the Chilcotin, were caught without their cameras when this beautiful sunset occurred:


Running To Get Their Cameras (I always carry an iPhone!) – Derek Chambers


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Art Crawl 2019

Art Crawl 2019 Poster

Art Crawl 2019 Poster

Yesterday a number of BLPG members were at the Opening Ceremonies of Art Crawl 2019 at the Parkside Art Gallery in 100 Mile House.

The Gallery itself is well worth a visit, of course, but after the ceremony we visited a number of the 25 businesses in 100 Mile House which are displaying the works of some of the 26 local artists taking part in Art Crawl 2019.

We dropped in at four of the venues: Regency Chrysler where photographic works by Monika Patterson are on show; Cariboo Floor Design featuring beautiful and interesting creations by Barb McClusky; More Than Wood Art Gallery which has pieces by many artists; and Sunshine Ford which contains many pieces created by the South Cariboo Weavers, Spinners & Fibre Artists Guild.

Then it was off to the Stemete7uw’i Friendship Centre for a bowl of delicious venison stew and bannock, accompanied by a welcome dance performed by a pair of traditionally dressed dancers one of whom was the cutest three(?) year old you’ll ever see (she danced to her own beat)!

I definitely recommend you take advantage of this unique event, lasting just until July 1. Oh, by the way, each venue has a free raffle for a basket of goodies!  And also, of course, don’t forget to drop into Cariboo Geographic Services to see our BLPG photographic display.

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Simple and Complex

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.02.16 AM

Simple and Complex – A Post from Michael Frye

Here’s a direct link ( ) to Michael Frye’s blog and a fascinating and instructive post about the principle of Simplicity in composition married with Complexity to enhance eye catching hooks in an image.

Here’s my version of the rhododendron/redwood mix:


Rhododendron and Redwood – Derek Chambers

When comparing it to Michael Frye’s various versions, I think it is perhaps too simple and could stand a bit more complexity (of course, it lacks the fog which adds to the interest).

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2019 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hey, there’s a new page on the website dedicated to the 2019 Photo Scavenger Hunt.  You can read about the hunt, see a list of the forty subjects, and download your own copy.

Have fun!

Image 2019-04-05 at 7.40 PM

Frog in a Bulb – Kevin Haggkvist

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At What f-Stop Is Your Lens Sharpest?

Here is an important and useful video on a topic of interest to us all!

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.46.15 AM.png

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