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At What f-Stop Is Your Lens Sharpest?

Here is an important and useful video on a topic of interest to us all!

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The Power of Photography

Here’s a compilation, put together by Darlene Hildebrand, which wonderfully demonstrates how powerful a single photograph can be. Take a look.  Exactly why does each photo have such an impact?  What emotion does each raise in you and is that … Continue reading

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It’s Not Clear Sailing Quite Yet For The Nik Collection!

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Only Three More Days To Wait ….

The photographs are ready for hanging, the slide and video program is ready for prime time, the baking and the preparation of those delicious cocktail sandwiches is underway – everything is being made ready for our 10th annual Photo Exhibition. … Continue reading

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Just One Week Until The Big Day!

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I Bet You Didn’t Know This …

Of course you didn’t know it.  This feature has only just been added to Lightroom Classic. While in the Develop module, and the Basic panel, hold down the Shift key and double click any one of the sliders – it … Continue reading

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Almost 100,000 Page Views!

It’s 4:00 PM om Thursday, April 12, 2018 and we have had almost 100,000 page views on the Bridge Lake Photo Group website since inceptions.  As of the date and time above we were a mere 128 away from 100,000. … Continue reading

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How Timely Is This?

Your current Assignment is Low Angle images.  And Picture Correct has heard your call for help!  See if you are in need of some inspiration.

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BLPG Website Update – New Photos Added

You better check us out!

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A Treat – New Photos Added to BLPG website

Jump on over to the Bridge Lake Photo Group website to see what members have been up to.  Lots of new photos for your viewing pleasure.

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It’s Easy To Level Your Photo. Isn’t It?

If we look at a landscape photo and the horizon isn’t level. it almost immediately and uncomfortably catches our eye and distracts us from appreciating the subject. As photographers, it is important then that we make sure our photos are … Continue reading

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Landscapes Canada Facebook Group

Not everyone likes Facebook.  In fact, although hundreds of millions of people around the world are members, there are other substantial numbers who abhor social media, including Facebook, and want no part of it.  Nevertheless, bear with me. Landscapes Canada … Continue reading

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If you had trouble …

If you had trouble following the link in the last post, you weren’t alone!  The difficulty has been fixed and you can see the post here

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These Cleverly Composed Photos Play with Shadows, Lines, and Space

Here’s an interesting exercise: find similar coincidental compositions in your environment.  You’ll never look at the world the same again!

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DxO Acquires the Nik Collection from Google

You can read all about it here.

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