Major Changes to BLPG Website

It’s time.

It’s unavoidable.

The time has come to trim a lot of the accumulated images, comments, posts and so forth on the Bridge Lake Photo Group website. As a result you are going to see some major changes from the work which is now underway.

First, all images accumulated and displayed from 2017 and before have now been removed. As a consequence, if your Photographers Showcase page had images from 2017 and before, those have now disappeared – only headings remain and those will be removed as time allows.

Deleting the thousands of images has resulted in a significant reduction in the space used by our website, from over 62% of our 13 GB allowance to 17%, a drop of nearly 6 GB.

Second, from now on we will only show, in addition to the current year’s images, comments and posts, those of the previous three full years. So, currently, we will display all images, comments, and posts for 2018, 2019 and 2020 plus 2021. When 2022 rolls around, we will remove all the above material from 2018. This regular maintenance will keep the website current, relevant and faster. If it still seems slow, we’ll reduce one more year’s accumulated material.

The changes to the website will not be completely done for another few weeks, but if you notice anything odd please let me know and I will investigate.

Thanks for your patience.

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