About Larry

Photography by Larry Citra

Larry developed an interest in photography at an early age, starting with a twin lens reflex camera in 1961 at the age of 14.  Although mainly self-taught he has attended many workshops and seminars around the world and continues to do so to better his photographic knowledge and improve his technique.    “If you keep an open mind and really want to learn, you can always learn something new from anybody”.

Larry Citra at Eakin Creek by Rob Tillyer

Larry Citra at Eakin Creek by Rob Tillyer

Larry started shooting digital in 2001 and has made many equipment upgrades since as the technology improved.  He is currently shooting with a Nikon D3, D4 & D800E.  His printing is done on Epson printers the largest of which can print photos up to 44 inches.

Larry loves photography and freely shares his expertise with other interested photographers.

Today, he heads a small, but highly talented group of local photographers who meet twice a month in an informal gathering where they exchange ideas and expand their photographic knowledge.