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  1. terri davey says:

    Hi,my name is Terri,I’m a mother of 2 and a wife ,for years I have taken pictures at my grandparents cabin in 70 mile house at green lake,in August 2013 I had the joys of having my wedding there and having my pictures taken by Mario pics ,he did a fabulous job

    A few years ago I thought of becoming a photographer …having 5,000 pictures of my kids on a lap top,3,000 pictures of a lake that I see every summer ,and 500 pictures of a ski hill I visit I knew that photography is something I love and want to turn it into a business

    My question is …where do I start,I have a name picked out,I do have a camera but not sure if it’s right im working on a computer and lighting I’m just not sure how to begin or where to begin and wanted to know what you suggest


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