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It’s Your Image. You Can Do What You Like To It.

Here is a wonderful explication of that incendiary statement, “Your image is too ‘Photoshopped’” meaning that the speaker thinks it has been edited too much. In her brief note, Leanne Cole attacks this idea head on.  She includes lots of … Continue reading

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Layering and Texturing in Photoshop and Elements

The scenes above and below are made much more dramatic by the addition of a blended texture layer over the original image. You can see similar images in Larry Citra’s Photographers Showcase page and also here. Larry and I are … Continue reading

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Photos, Videos, Textures – It’s All Here

Masses of additions to the Bridge Lake Photo Group website during the last four or five weeks. Find previous Topaz Glow treated images under a new tab, and some new ones in Nigel Hemingway’s Photographers Showcase: Learn about Costa Rica … Continue reading

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“The Bridge To Terabithia” by Larry Citra

You can see more images like this at Topaz Glow on the Go.

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A Hidden Gem

Never think that you are finished with one of your images. As your processing skills develop and your photographer’s eye becomes more discerning, you’ll find that when you return to earlier images, there are often other ways to see them, … Continue reading

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A Potpurri of Items

On the last day of November, we held a very successful Lightroom 5 Workshop I at Eagleridge (a workshop in a workshop). You can read about it, and see some of the results in the Activities > Workshops section of … Continue reading

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What Happens When They Take The Tables Away?

Well, that was an interesting meeting! The regular November “second Thursday of the Month” meeting was a little different from normal – the tables had been removed from the classroom in the Bridge Lake School where we normally meet.  Luckily, … Continue reading

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Are you interested in attending a (free) hands on Lightroom 5 workshop?

Larry Citra and I have been discussing the possibility of putting on a Lightroom course. The format would be a one day hands on workshop.  The intention is that you would leave the workshop confidently able to get started with … Continue reading

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You Think You Know How To Use Photoshop?

Here’s a delight. You can find more at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/10371111/The-retouched-work-of-Erik-Johansson.html?frame=2698937

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So What Post-Processing Software Should I Use?

I’ve been thrown for a bit of a loop by Adobe’s recent decision to make all future Photoshop releases available only through a $20 monthly Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe, like most software companies, doesn’t like getting their revenue in periodic … Continue reading

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Is It Bad To Use Photoshop?

Have you ever heard a photographer say, “I show my photographs exactly as they come out of the camera. I don’t use Photoshop.”? Or someone at a photo exhibition expound, “These images have been Photoshopped too much.”? What is the … Continue reading

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Getting It Right From The Beginning

Here’s an interesting site belonging to a Swedish photographer: Jonas Hellsen Photography; and an interesting blog article discussing the issue of how much retouching is “OK”.

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Ansel Adams Exhibition “From the Mountains to the Sea”, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK

Some random observations and notes from the Exhibition. For a very short period of time, Adams was a member of a loose group of fellow photographers.  The name chosen for the group was “f/64”.  The origin of the name?  F/64 … Continue reading

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New Processing Invitation – From Another Site

Rob Tillyer sent me a fascinating link. If you follow the link, you’ll find “How Would You Edit This Landscape Photo?” and a Dropbox link enabling you to download a high resolution copy of the photo.  The submitter has invited … Continue reading

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