2017-04: Panoramas

This theme asked photographers to stitch together a series of images to form a panorama.  Here are some examples of the result:

Lunch break Oct. 1,2010-Edit

Lunch break Oct. 1,2010-©Marilyn Niemiec

Rocky Mountains Panorama

Rocky Mountain Panorama – ©Doug Boyce

IMG_9065 - ©Sue Wolfe

IMG_9065 – ©Sue Wolfe

Tulip Pano - Daryl Bell

Tulip Pano – Daryl Bell

Parliment Pano©Nigel Hemingway

Parliament Buildings, Victoria BC Pano©Nigel Hemingway

False Creek - ©Tamara Isaac

False Creek – ©Tamara Isaac



Rare Snow SSI - © Larry Citra

Rare Snow SSI – © Larry Citra

Trial Island Pano- ©Derek Chambers

Trial Island Pano- ©Derek Chambers