Image Processing – Your Way

By popular demand, we are introducing a new BLPG initiative, a way for you to show us your interpretation of a digital image.

Here’s how it works.

From time to time, we will post one or two low resolution images as subpages to this page. What we want you to do is select one, or both, image(s) and let us know your choice(s) (see below).  We will then send you a link to a high resolution copy of your choice(s).

You process your choice(s), in your own way, giving each your interpretation.

When you are satisfied with the result, upload your version to Dropbox or Sendfile and send us the link.

We’ll then download your version and post it on the appropriate page along with all the other interpretations.

Taking part in this initiative will benefit you and all the other members of the group.  First, you get to showcase your imagination and creativity.  Second, you get to see what others do with the exact same image.  And third, everyone in the group will see multiple interpretations of a single image.  That’s an amazing learning opportunity!

We are going to start with the following two images (check the subpages to this page):

Copper Bottom Abstract – Derek Chambers

Red Car – Doerte Pavlik

Here’s how to get a link to a high resolution version of your choice.  Simply complete the form at the bottom of the page that holds your selected image and Submit it.

Have fun!

Your comments are always welcome ....

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