Glenn McBride

Recent Additions – December 2016

Theme: Tangled


November 2016

November 2015

Halloween Fun


July 2014

Glenn made a trip to the east end of Azure Lake in Wells Gray Park.  This is what he found:

June 2014

April 2014

March 2014

RCMP Musical Ride

January 2014


11 Responses to Glenn McBride

  1. Doerte Pavlik says:

    Hi Glenn,
    beautiful shots, I love your eye for subjects and the compositioning is just perfect. 🙂


  2. ANL says:

    Don’t be stingy, Glenn, show us more like these!


  3. ANL says:

    Superb additions, Glenn. That’s more like it!


  4. Les Anderson says:

    Very good pictures. Your talent shows.


  5. Debby says:

    You are very talented


  6. Sue Wolfe says:

    Very nice photos.


  7. Christian says:

    Hi Glenn, all the best to you and your family from Christian & Agnes from Germany.
    Hope you are doing fine.



  8. Debra Watson says:

    Hi Glenn – so nice to chat with you the other day. Such a great variety of subject matter and composition. Beautiful images, captured with such talent!


  9. Burt Allison says:

    Hello Glen very nice pictures


  10. Mike and Marilyn Huntley says:

    Hi Glenn, Great photos. Love the horses under the bridge – that one says a lot. Take a picture of the Potter wagon – it would be interesting too…Mike and Marilyn


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