“Wind Generators (Multiple Exposure)” – by Larry Citra

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  The Featured Photo for August 2015 was by Larry Citra as chosen by Derek Chambers.

Wind Generators (Multiple Exposure) - Palouse - © Larry Citra

Wind Generators (Multiple Exposure) – Palouse – © Larry Citra

Not only does this particular photo look like an abstraction of flowers, it is a wonderful example of using Multiple Exposures.  Technically, Larry has done an excellent job of timing his six exposures to allow the wind vanes to rotate enough to show each as a separate and distinct object, and the gaps between the vane tips are more or less the same.  Artistically, Larry has done a superb job of selecting just the right combination of wind generators, drawing the eye from the largest one on the right, over to the smaller left one and then along the skyline’s curve to the two little ones just poking their tops up.  And the flowing yellow band of wheat stubble and machinery tracks counterbalance the more stark and sharp vanes of the generators with the blue sky behind…

A beautiful image which deserves to be printed and hung on a wall!  Good job Larry.

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