“Run!!” by Donna Nesjan

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection. The Featured Photo for September/October 2016 is by Donna Nesjan as chosen by Derek Chambers.

Run!! - ©Donna Nesjan

Run!! – ©Donna Nesjan

There’s no lack of clarity about the story being told by this photograph!  This enraged bull, having thrown off the irritating rider on its back, it now wants to exact revenge on any nearby two legged animal.

The image is made powerful not only by the determined set of the bull’s head, and not only by the amount of the frame the bull occupies, but by the cropped figure of the cowboy desperately trying to move out of the way of this lumbering freight train bearing down on him!  We are left wanting to know what happened in the next five seconds.

Choosing to present the scene in black and white has meant that we are not distracted by colour (which has no bearing on the event).  A wonderful dynamic photo Donna.  Well done.