Sue Wolfe – “Bold Contender”



This image demonstrates artistic vision at its best.  Photos of fishing boats are taken by the thousands because we love the combination of water, erect masts, and the implied romance of working on the sea.  But in this image, Sue presents us with an entirely different rendering of a commonplace, mundane scene.

We have a predominately grey scene, reflective of the grey cloudy days often experienced on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Sue has changed the image so that it appears as a painting, but in such a way as to allow the powerful verticals of the masts to stand out from the grey clouds.   Furthermore, the “painting” has been given depth by including forest green into the background.  Now the forest of masts look like a collection of the tall starkly grey cedar snags which populate the forest near the sea shore in this part of the coast, connecting the masts to their origin.

Sue has introduced other splashes of colour to direct the viewer’s eye towards the main subjects – the boats.  This alters the ordinary, changing it into the extraordinary.  And the one name which stands out, readable, is Bold Contender, the title of the image.

Great image Sue, well done!

Larry Citra