Rob Tillyer – Sword Fern


Photo choice and comments by Sharon Jensen:

There is good placement of subject on a diagonal line with room all around.  No part of the subject is touching an edge.

The subject has lovely curving lines.  Repitition of  the little leaves on the frond adds another level of interest.  The water drops don’t hurt, either.

The quality of light falling on the frond is perfect for emphasis.

The fern is shown in its habitat, but because the background elements are darker and purposely not sharp, the main frond grabs the viewer’s attention and won’t let go!

Nit pickers might grumble about a couple of broken leaves on the left side of the subject.  However, I think this worthy image can withstand such a quibble and still come out smelling like a…noble sword fern.  I am quite familiar with sword ferns.  In my opinion, Rob has captured the essence of this subject.

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