“RCMP Musical Ride” – Glenn McBride

From time to time we post a photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  Chosen by Sue Wolfe, the current Featured Image is by Glenn McBride.

RCMP Musical Ride - ©Glenn McBride

RCMP Musical Ride – ©Glenn McBride

When I first laid eyes on this photo, I knew it would become one of my favourites . I was instantly drawn to the striking contrast between the riders and the dusty trail behind. The rich colour of the red surge along with the yellow stripe on midnight blue breeches worn by the members of the RCMP, atop of jet black horses , make this photo pop. Several members exchange flirtatious banter within the group, seemingly unbeknownst to the troop leader.

All in all, Glenn was able to capture a scene that has a combination of nobility and frolic intertwined with a sense of purpose. I would encourage you to look deeper, at the expressions on each face. These are just a few of the faces that represent law enforcement and protection of the people of Canada . Makes one want to stand up and salute! I salute you, Glenn, for sharing this outstanding photo.

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