“Pine Marten” by Bill Melnychuk

This Featured Photo is by Bill Melnychuk as chosen by Derek Chambers.

Martin 5  ©Bill Melnychuk

Martin 5 ©Bill Melnychuk

Do you think this pine marten has its eye on you?  Staring right at the camera, it seems to be showing a certain degree of caution but no outright fear or enraged aggression – just careful watchfulness.  Bill has chosen an f-stop which blurs the background, and directs the viewer’s eye to the main subject.  Although the post and marten occupy the center of the image, in fact the marten’s face and head is on the rightmost one-third line just as the “rule of thirds” suggests.  Furthermore, the marten’s eyes are in sharp focus with catch lights.  The rough texture of the posts and its lightness contrasts well with the marten’s smooth coat and dark shades.

Excellent photo, Bill – well done.