Nigel Hemingway – “Stove”


Photo choice and comments by Larry Citra:

I find this image very thought provoking …….. what is this stove doing out there in the middle of nowhere, how did it get there and who left it there? The lower right hand thirds placement of the stove puts on one of the power points of the “Rule of Thirds” where it dominates the scene by good use of a wide angle lens but still allows the viewer to see the wide desolate landscape in the distance. Using a 16 mm wide angle lens up close and personal like this allows the main subject to be in sharp focus as well as the distant field and hills. Also, having the camera level has reduced any distortion in the main subject making for a very pleasing shot. The snow around and on the stove adds to the desolate feeling and the distant snow really adds texture to the image.

A super image, very well done Nigel!

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