Linda Figner – “Winter Park”


Photo choice and comments by Larry Citra:

I find this to be a very pleasing winter shot. I like the overall composition and the soft lighting. The overhanging evergreen branches not only give the image depth, they also give me a feeling of viewing the scene from a sheltered vantage point.

Well done Linda!

As a side note to those who might be interested:

The resulting great depth of field in this image can be attributed to the fact that this shot was made by a Point & Shoot type camera with a small sensor. Even though the recorded aperture setting says f-6.3, the actual full frame camera equivalent would be around f-22. Point & Shoot cameras do have some advantages over their big DSLR brothers (or sisters if you think cameras are feminine in gender?). This image was made with an equivalent focal length of approximately 50 mm, allowing Linda to hand hold at 1/50th of a second. If she had attempted to shoot this with a DSLR type camera, and wanted the same depth of field, the shutter speed would have been less than 1/2 a second. To get a sharp image at such a slow shutter speed would have certainly required a tripod (or the steady hands of a brain surgeon and a post to lean on)

Your comments are always welcome ....

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