“Hidden Rock” – Derek Chambers

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  Chosen by Sharon Jensen, this Featured Photo is by Derek Chambers.

Hidden Rock - ©Derek Chambers

Hidden Rock – ©Derek Chambers

This is such a simple scene – just water rushing over a hidden rock.  However, don’t be fooled by my choice of the word “simple.”
Obviously getting the shot was the product of much persistence and patience .
After settling on the perfect composition and exposure, throw into the mix the challenge of obtaining just the right amount of blur to create a sense of mystery.  A faster shutter speed would reveal too much of the rock.  A slower shutter speed would have caused the water spilling over the rock to lose definition.  Quite a balancing act trying to get that blur just right.  Derek’s “little grey cells” must have been in overdrive.
What is that mysterious thing under the water?  Perhaps a whale’s tail.
I like the cool look of blue in  this image.  Is that because it fits with the notion of a whale’s tail in a blue ocean?  Who knows or cares.  The point is that blue was a good choice.
Derek has brought together all the elements needed for a lovely abstract water “painting.”  
Thank you for sharing this picture with us.