“Hello Chevy” – Sue Wolfe

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  Chosen by Larry Citra, this Featured Image is by Sue Wolfe.

Hello Chevy – ©Sue Wolfe

I’ve chosen “Hello Chevy” by Sue Wolfe for April’s Featured Photo and here’s why:

I love everything about this image – in fact I liked it so much, that after I saw it I tried the same approach with one of my own images.  I named mine “The Sue Wolfe Look Alike Contest”.

Sue has used a wide angle lens here and has moved in nice and close.  With the use of the wide angle lens, her chosen f-stop of f-8 gave her plenty of depth of field for a crisp image. The expert use of Photoshop has cleared away what was no doubt a distracting background and made the old Chevy truck pop right out.  But, the highlight of this image, to me, is the rain drops – they add such wonderful colour and texture.  Timing was essential and Sue allowed just enough rain drops to hit the old faded paint before she tripped the shutter.

This is one of those images that goes in my “I wish it were mine” folder.  Well done Sue!


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