Glenn McBride – “Two Ducks”


This is really a beautiful image!

The gradations of warm colours in the sky and reflection impart a feeling of peace and tranquility to the scene.

The centre placement of the horizon works perfectly in this image, which goes to show that the rules which say “never do that” are made to be broken (sometimes).

The bulrush leaves in the foreground add a feeling of depth which in turn gives the lone duck somewhere far off to fly to. Note that the duck and his/her refection is pretty well on one of the “Rule of Thirds” lines which gives the image balance with more space in front of the duck than behind it.

Another important thing with this image is the fact there are no merging elements in the image …………….. the reflection of the sun and the bulrush leaves do not intersect and the same holds true for the duck and the ducks reflection on the water and those little backlit clouds just below the sun, with none merging with any other element.

The exposure is perfect and the shutter speed was high enough to freeze the ducks wings.

Great image Glen, well done!

Larry Citra

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