“Blue Tiger” by Doerte Pavlik

This Featured Photo by Doerte Pavlik was chosen by Derek Chambers.

Tiger - DP21473-1- ©Doerte Pavlik

Blue Tiger – DP21473-1- ©Doerte Pavlik

There are lots of aspects of this photo that appeal to me.

First and foremost is the subject.  I love the sort of “world weary” gaze of the tiger; it’s as if it is saying, “I’ve seen it all.  You can try and show me something new but you’ll probably fail.”

Secondly is the choice of blue as the predominant colour because it makes it seem as if the photograph were taken at night.  That’s quite believable because we know that tigers and other members of the cat family, because of their superior low light vision, are active at night.

Third is the use of Topaz Glow which has enabled Doerte to show a tiger in an entirely different and unexpected way.

Fourth is the detail – of the whiskers and the hair in its ears.

And last is the way that Doerte has used framing to make it appear as if the image is three dimensional and the tiger’s head is actually protruding out from the flat plane of the photograph – a clever but simple optical illusion.

A beautiful and stunning image which respects the natural beauty of the subject.