“Begonia” – Sue Wolfe

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  Chosen by Diane Hopp, this month’s Featured Photo is by  Sue Wolfe.

Begonia - ©Sue Wolfe copy

Begonia – ©Sue Wolfe copy

Diane writes

The subdued ambiance of Sue Wolfe’s rose and golden “Begonia” provides a pleasing contrast to the energy of the applied swirl filter which draws us into the center of this whimsical summer flower portrait.  Sharp edges and petal detail invite us to explore the border areas.  This photo would have been effective in black and white, but is delightful in soft pastels.

By the way, I also liked Nigel’s edgy, decidedly masculine “”Ducati Clutch 1853” with its sharply detailed center hub, bold contrast and primary colours which grab and focus the attention.

Ducati Clutch 1853 - ©Nigel Hemingway

Ducati Clutch 1853 – ©Nigel Hemingway

Two vastly different circular compositions.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.