“Pink Rose-Green Vase-Texture” by Sharon Jensen

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  July 2015’s Featured Photo was by Sharon Jensen as chosen by Derek Chambers.

Pink Rose-Green Vase-Texture © Sharon Jensen

Pink Rose-Green Vase-Texture © Sharon Jensen

Although we talk a lot about composition, the elements which need to be considered, the careful balancing of components and how to draw the viewer’s eye into and through the photograph, in the end it is the photographer’s intuition, informed by all those factors but not bound by them, which decides what is “pleasing.”  That is exactly what Sharon has done here.  First the eye eye is drawn to the red rose and then down the diagonal formed by the elements towards the left corner.  The lone sprig of leaf and stalk perfectly balances the other sprig which reaches towards the upper right corner.  There is a third sprig – it starts a diagonal from the upper left towards the right corner and helps to bring the viewer’s eye back the center elements of the image.  Adding the low keyed texture makes the whole composition sing.  As one studies this composition, you may be brought to look more closely at what can be seen in the rounded bottom piece of the vase.

Beautiful.  Well done Sharon.

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