“Dreams of Being A Cowgirl” by Peggie Freed

This Featured Photo is by Peggie Freed as chosen by Derek Chambers.

Dreams of Being A Cowgirl - DSC_0178-1 - ©Peggie Freed

Dreams of Being A Cowgirl – DSC_0178-1 – ©Peggie Freed

Who isn’t captivated by this beautiful little girl’s face.  And who doesn’t wonder what she is looking at so intently.  The composition is excellent.  The diagonal fence rail draws the eye to the subject’s face and the black hat blocks the viewer’s eye from wandering out of the frame to the upper right.  From the face our eye is drawn to her hand and then led to the left of the frame to see if we can glimpse what she is watching.  And then we are led back to her face again.  An excellent photo that tells a story.  Good work Peggie.