Daryl Llewellyn

New Additions – October 2017

Hurry, hurry - dllew2017

Hurry, hurry – dllew2017

Cariboo Homestead - dllew 2017

Cariboo Homestead – dllew 2017

Young buck in roses -dllew2017

Young buck in roses -dllew2017

June 2017

Blue Heron2 - dllew

Blue Heron2 – dllew

Blue Heron- dllew

Blue Heron- dllew

Breakwater2-repetition dllew

Breakwater2-repetition dllew

Breakwater1 -repetition dllew

Breakwater1 -repetition dllew

December 2015

October 2015

August 2015

Past Reflections 2015 - ©Daryl Llwellyn-2

Past Reflections 2015 – ©Daryl Llwellyn-2

July 2015

This set of four images shows something astonishing – possibly the first time sighting, in Canada and BC, of a Magnificent hummingbird. Their usual home is Costa Rica although they have been seen as far north as Arizona.  Notice the huge size difference between it and our familiar Rufus hummingbirds.

Magnificent2 - ©Daryl Llewellyn

Magnificent2 – ©Daryl Llewellyn

May 2015

February 2015

Here’s why the eastern side of Costa Rica is so green – a “light shower”.  Crank up your volume to get the full effect.

Big Red loves to sound off to whomever will listen.

Some stills:

December 2014


2 Responses to Daryl Llewellyn

  1. larrycitra says:

    Super shots Daryl, thanks for sharing with us!


  2. I can’t decide which of the three reflection images I like the most, they’re all so good!


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