“Awaiting The Rising Tide” by Derek Chambers

From time to time we post a Featured Photo from our Media Library, accompanied by some words about the selection.  The September/October 2015 Featured Photo was by Derek Chambers as chosen by Nigel Hemingway.

Awaiting the Rising Tide HDR- ©Derek Chambers

Awaiting the Rising Tide HDR- ©Derek Chambers

When I go to the web site I often look at this image, it has been there for a while. There are several reasons for my return visits but the main one is that I think this is a damn fine photo.

The contrast of harsh rocks against a soft sky, the well-balanced complimentary colours of green and pinky orange and the reflection of the bow of the boat all work. Placing the tie rope exactly in the lower right corner breaks a rule but in this case it should. My eyes tend not to go to the rope at first; I follow the curve of the bay starting at the green hills around to the rope but once I get there my eyes follow it out to the boat, then out the harbor and to the tiny red structure on the point in the distance. Wow what a view!

There is another aspect to this photo that I like. It is time. I have never been to Iceland but by looking at this picture taken at that point in time, I know what has happened before, I sure know what will be happening soon and there is certainty in the fact that the boat will set out down that opening some time in the future when the tide cooperates.

Ocean pictures have always appealed to me and this is one great photo, it’s calming and peaceful. I feel good when I look at it. Thanks for an image that evokes feelings Derek.