Eakin Creek Road – June 7, 2014

A wonderfully productive field trip up the Eakin Creek Road.  Participants were:  Sue and Curtis Wolfe, Larry Citra, AnneMarie Brown, Sharon Jensen, Diane Hopp, Derek Chambers, Glenn McBride.

As usual we met at the viewpoint overlooking Lac des Roches, enjoyed the 8:00 AM view, fought the mosquitoes off with liberal doses of high percentage Deet containing bug spray, and then drove in a convoy to the lower entrance to the Eakin Creek Road.

First stop – the corral.  Lots of photo taking there and lots of one-on-one instruction from our Dear Leader as captured by Curtis Wolfe and processed by Sue Wolfe:

The Instructor - ©Curtis Wolfe

The Instructor – ©Curtis Wolfe

After nearly an hour, we moved further up the road to the “purple flowers” place – actually Penstemon (common name: beardtongue).  It’s a wonderful location for not only macro shots of the flowers and ferns, but also for the interesting patterns in the rock faces.

Faces in the Rock - ©Sharon Lynne Jensen

Faces in the Rock – ©Sharon Lynne Jensen

From there it is a number of kilometers, along the winding gravel road which clings to the side of step valley, before the road and  Eakin Creek are once more side by side.  Here there are many places to pause for photographs either of the creek, or rivulets rushing to join the creek.  As well, Indian Paintbrush and Lupins make occasional appearances, as do huge cedars and birch trees – all offering good photographic possibilities. Many hours can be spent moving from spot to spot, stopping and setting up for that always elusive perfect image.  And this field trip was no exception – the keenest participants did not turn for home until almost 5 PM!

Some of the Participants

A few of the photos taken on the field trip.  For more see the Photographers Showcase pages of the participants.