Hairy Goat: An Excellent London Photo Guide Service



The Shard and Tower Bridge from near St Katherine Docks

We have just returned from 10 days in London.  Although I have been to London often, this time we centered ourselves in the City of London (the old original city, founded by the Romans in 47AD), right beside the Tower of London.

Unlike past trips to London, this time I wanted to get some good night photos.

I am an avid user of Google Maps and Google Earth as tools to discover interesting parts of any new place we’re planning to visit.  But, no matter how good these tools are, not every question can be answered before one puts foot to ground.  Nor can random discoveries via Google match the detailed knowledge of someone who lives in the area.  Therefore a local guide can be an invaluable assistant in helping to make one’s short time in a new place as satisfying and effective as possible.  This is especially true when your interest is as a photographer.

So, we went searching for a photographer guide for our London time.

And we found GOLD, with the unforgettable name Hairy Goat:


I got in touch with Corinna via email in late May, even though we were not scheduled to be in London until the last ten days of September.  This turned out to be good timing.  We had already booked tickets to plays and concerts so the evenings when I would be free were limited.  Corinna had not yet built her schedule for September so my available dates were written into that schedule, and tours were arranged.

Although the Hairy Goat website has lots of information about the various tour offerings, in answer to my questions Corinna provided a very detailed description of each tour and the variations which could be made. We also spoke by phone.  By the end of the conversation, she knew what my expectations were and could plan a number of spots to go to to get the photos I wanted.

One photo tour was a one-on-one with just me and Corinna.  A second evening was set aside for the London Night tour, one open to others (if the numbers booking get too high, more than one guide is used to keep the guide-to-photographers ratio low).  Both Sharon and I booked for that one and we turned out to be the only participants (perhaps because Corinna had booked it for a Sunday evening at my request!).

Corinna has an encyclopedic knowledge of London, both old and new.  Her enthusiastic sharing of knowledge is a delight. In fact, both tours went well over the allocated time because of “I just want to show you one more place…” and “You have to visit this place in the daytime.” or “Go up to the bar at the top of this hotel.  It has a fantastic view of the City and it’s yours for just ordering a drink!”

My one-on-one tour began at 6:15 PM and didn’t finish until well after 11 PM. The London Night tour for Sharon and me was also extended because of all the special places Corinna wanted us to see. You can see some of the night photos I captured here.

And Corinna didn’t do a bang up job just for us.  If you look at Trip Advisor, you’ll see that her rating is incredible – 99.4% have rated the service as Excellent or Very Good, and that is over 680 reviews.

So, if you are ever in London and in need of a photography guide, you will not be disappointed with Hairy Goat and Corinna.

(By the way, I am NOT getting paid for this enthusiastic review!)



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