Last Meeting of 2015

I have just reviewed the many images from 2015 that members have brought to our regular meetings and which we’ve posted on the Bridge Lake Photo Group site.  What a huge number!

For me it is fascinating to view, in their Photographers Showcase page, the progression of each member in their knowledge and understanding of the “Art of Photography” as evidenced by their portfolio of 2015 work.  No matter where we are when we join the BLPG, we inevitably learn from each other, and our photography changes dramatically.  I invite you to choose a BLPG member and do the same experiment:  scan through their portfolio from January 2015 to December 2015.  You’ll be impressed.

We’ve now had out last regular meeting of 2015 and it was a good one!  We talked a lot about what we had liked about the activities of the group during 2015 and not only what we’d like to do in 2016, but also some changes we’d like to make in the format of our regular meetings.  More to come in the near future.

Here are some of the photos we saw.  You can see all the submissions on the website’s Recent Additions page.

A mouthwatering submission from Sharon Jensen:

Strawberries in Jar - © Sharon Jensen

Strawberries in Jar – © Sharon Jensen

A cute but dratted squirrel  from Diane Hopp:

Dratted Squirrel - DMHopp - December 2015

Dratted Squirrel – DMHopp – December 2015

A somewhat perturbed Santa being attacked by dragons, from Daryl Bell:

©Daryl Bell - Here Be Dragons

©Daryl Bell – Here Be Dragons

Playing with colour, or the absence thereof, from Nigel Hemingway:

Lone Tree B&W 7265 - ©Nigel Hemingway

Lone Tree B&W 7265 – ©Nigel Hemingway

A wandering porcupine, from Doug Boyce:

Porcupine - ©Doug Boyce

Porcupine – ©Doug Boyce

A beautiful submission to our RED theme, from Sue Wolfe:

Back lit Poppy - ©Sue Wolfe

Back lit Poppy – ©Sue Wolfe

And a new processing approach from me:

Simplify - Palouse _DSC7502- ©Derek Chambers

Simplify – Palouse _DSC7502- ©Derek Chambers

See you in January!


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2 Responses to Last Meeting of 2015

  1. Diane Hopp says:

    Good morning Derek

    Before I get swamped preparing for our family get together, I just wanted to thank you and Larry for the incredible prize. Cannot properly express my gratitude. We’ll have to figure out a way to add some of it to our library. Please count me in if you are looking at new e-books etc. for the library in the future. I would be happy to contribute.

    Also, maybe we could compile a list of helpful websites for everyone.




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  2. enmanscamera says:

    What a thoroughly enjoyable selection a photographs…Well worth taking the time to view and view again.

    Liked by 1 person

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