Another Workshop – Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multiple Exposures

ICM Trees - ©Derek Chambers

ICM Trees – ©Derek Chambers

In the good old days of film, blurred photos and double exposures were usually caused by “Photographer Error”.  And yet sometimes ghostly apparitions appeared to have been caught by an inadvertent multiple exposure error.  Or the photographer’s accidental fall accompanied by an unintended press of the shutter button resulted in an abstract impression of her descent towards the ground.

Mostly however the results were costly wasted film.

Now, with digital cameras, we can recreate the causes but in a controlled manner.   The results can be very beautiful (see, for example, Chris Harris’s recent Newsletter: or a past post on the BLPG website ).

There’s a bit of a learning curve along the creative path before you can start making such lovely images.  Luckily, image pixels are essentially free (once you’ve bought the camera, that is), and they are plentiful so you can make lots of them, snapping off many photos as you learn.

Larry Citra and I would like to help you along this creative path by putting on a workshop which covers both ICM in a single image and in multiple exposure images.



The workshop will be held at Eagleridge.  We’ll have a bit of instruction, then we’ll go outside for an hour or two to experiment, on trees, flowers, machinery, people, whatever catches our eye.  We’ll return to the classroom, do a quick bit of editing on our photos and then show each person’s five best.  We’ll discuss what we’ve found out, have lunch, then head out again to put into practice what we learned.  We’ll do a final return to the classroom, quick editing and then look at the three best from each person.

You’ll want to bring your camera and lens(es), tripod (so you can try ICM with and without a tripod), neutral density filters and/or polarizer (if you have them), computer with Lightroom or Photoshop, some mosquito dope, lunch and a creative mood.

Is this something that would interest you?  If so, please enrol by sending me an email – I’ll add your name to the class list.

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3 Responses to Another Workshop – Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multiple Exposures

  1. larrycitra says:

    I C uM trees too!

    Cheers, Larry

    Larry Citra Box 22, Bridge Lake, B.C., Canada V0K1E0 Phone: (Home) 250-593-4362 (Studio) 250-999-9214 Cell: 250-706-7060 (Truck cell) 250-395-6448 Member: National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)My Website: Bridge Lake Photo Group Website:

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  2. Diane Sullivan says:

    Damn! That’s the Watch Lake/Green lake fishing derby and I’m volunteering at it. Poop. Can’t make the next meeting either as we have company. Such is life. Have fun Diane


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