New Year – New Photos

Our first meeting of 2015, and a wonderful crop of new photographs from Nigel Hemingway, Doerte Pavlik, and Larry Citra.  And I added a few.

Look at this Barkerville beauty from Nigel Hemingway:

General Store 12-21 13.51.32 - ©Nigel Hemingway

General Store 12-21 13.51.32 – ©Nigel Hemingway

And there are more Barkerville photos of Nigel’s to be seen.

Add to that some wonderful photos of the Oregon Coast by Doerte Pavlik.  Here’s one of them:

_DP20615- ©Doerte Pavlik

_DP20615- ©Doerte Pavlik

But there are others by Doerte, of some nice kitties:

_DP21473-1- ©Doerte Pavlik

_DP21473-1- ©Doerte Pavlik

Larry Citra has photographed the bridge to Teribitha, amongst others:

Glow Bridge - © Larry Citra

Glow Bridge – © Larry Citra

And I have added a few more to the mix, a couple of which are this:

Kinderdijk DSC0767141- ©Derek Chambers

Kinderdijk DSC0767141- ©Derek Chambers

and this:

Ghost Knarly - 20141105-_DSC4451139- ©Derek Chambers

Ghost Knarly – 20141105-_DSC4451139- ©Derek Chambers

So, follow each of the links above to see the interesting additions to the Bridge Lake Photo Group site.

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