“Allstones Creek” by Derek Chambers

Allstones Creek - ©Derek Chambers

Allstones Creek – ©Derek Chambers

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6 Responses to “Allstones Creek” by Derek Chambers

  1. larrycitra says:

    Nice shot Derek!

    Getting in close on that foreground rock really gives a sense of depth in this shot. The use of diagonal lines draws your eye up the creek to the little falls and beyond. You can definitely see why it’s called “Allstones” creek.

    Larry Citra


    • Thanks Larry. Yes, it is a fascinating creek, lined by steep rock walls made up of layers that have been tilted until they are almost vertical. One could spend days just in the 1 kilometer or so between the road crossing and a waterfall which is a few hundred meters further upstream from where this image was made. Part of our assignment was to demonstrate “leading lines”. I think there are quite a few in this image!


  2. fbdesign1 says:

    Very Nice Shot…the reddish brown rock at top of the Falls almost looks like a face to me.
    How long was the exposure? Fred


    • Thanks Fred. The exposure was 3 secs at f/32. The exposure length is directly related to the volume of water. In a small creek you need at least 3 seconds to get enough water into the shot to show a nice “waterfall”. For a waterfall in a bigish river, sometimes 1/2 sec is more than enough. It’s these kinds of variables which makes photographing moving water so much fun!


  3. Sharon Jensen says:

    The many different colours, shapes and sizes of rocks keep the viewer’s eye moving around the scene. On such a wander my eye spied a face in that red rock and another face on the right hand side of the foreground rocks. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time looking at this picture.

    Sharon Jensen


    • Thanks Sharon. Our brains are so good at organizing the real world chaos into recognizable familiar patterns! The variety of rocks, large and small, and colours of every hue, create a rich environment for finding all sorts of fantastical things. Besides the faces that you mention, more are lurking, waiting to be found!


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