The Photographic Composer’s Score and Performance

John Enman once again hits the nail on the head …

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Spring storm A storm o the prairie

Wind power Windpower

October Infrared October walk in Infrared

Trans Canada trucking Trans Canada Highway – Infrared

River bluffs Infrared of Thompson River

I taught photography in the 1980s and 90s for the University College of the Cariboo (now Thompson River University) when the only way to make a photograph was using film.

In my lectures I informed students that as well as learning about their cameras, they must become proficient in negative development and printmaking. I would emphasize that those serious about the medium of photography would come to realize that what they did with the camera and the negative it produced was only the beginning, and that it was their final print that would set them apart as a photographer. And I would quote famous photographer Ansel Adams, “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print…its performance…”

Film has now been discarded by most serious photographers, although I expect…

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