Do You Know About Eakin Creek Canyon Park?

I certainly did not know about the Park even though I have driven by the trail access point hundreds of times.  And perhaps you have also.  Just a 15 minute somewhat scrambly hike and this is what awaits you:

Eakin Creek Canyon Waterfall - ©Derek Chambers

Eakin Creek Canyon Waterfall – ©Derek Chambers

Larry Citra showed me the route this morning.  The hike in has some beautiful spots just begging to be photographed, as does the bowl into which the falls tumble:

DSC3733 20140714 - ©Derek Chambers

DSC3733 20140714 – ©Derek Chambers

The GPS coordinates are: 51°27’6″ N 120°13’37” W.  And here’s a screen shot from Google Earth of the area:

Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park

Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park

What you see is the section of Highway 24 as it reaches the bottom of “the big hill” just before the bridge over the Lemieux Creek Road (Eakin Creek runs into Lemieux Creek).  So it is just a few kilometers up Highway 24 from Little Fort.

Some of you may remember when a lumber carrier dumped over on the corner at the bottom just before the no-post barrier?  That site is the best place to park (there is a little short section off the road that will hold a couple of cars).

The green tree symbol marks the approximate site of the waterfall.  From the parking place take a few steps up the trail to reach a broad Telus right-of-way holding a buried fiber optic cable.  Simply follow the right-of-way, and then the trail which leads off it when the right-of-way crosses Eakin Creek creek, to ultimately reach the falls.

Be sure to wear good solid non-slip hiking shoes or boots because the trail is narrow, sloped and precipitous in sections.

If you can manage it, the hike in is well worth the effort.

Would you like to organize a group photography visit there?  If so, let’s discuss it at the BLPG meeting this Thursday, July 17th at 7491 Eagleridge Road.  Larry will have some more photos of the falls and surrounding area.

So much moving water and not enough time to photograph it all!

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