The Beauty of Water

Mahood Lake - ©Sue Wolfe

Mahood Lake – ©Sue Wolfe

This year’s persistent winter has resulted in lots of runoff as the higher altitude snow slowly melts.  Locally the extra and longer lasting flow has enabled us to capture some beautiful images.  The front page of the website, for example, highlights a couple of these – here’s a beautiful one by Sue Wolfe of Canim Lake Falls.

Canim Lake Falls - ©Sue Wolfe

Canim Lake Falls – ©Sue Wolfe

This month’s Featured Photo is one I took of a water rushing over a rock in Eakin Creek.  Here’s another one (can you find the “Hidden Rock”?) from Eakin Creek.

Rapids At Split Rock – ©Derek Chambers

Larry Citra also captured the magic of moving water, by using a long exposure time, again at Eakin Creek:

Eakin Creek  - © Larry Citra

Eakin Creek – © Larry Citra

You can see more water images by checking out their Photographers Showcase pages.  Look under Recent Additions (Sue, Derek, Larry).

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