It Must Be The Light

Tulip Field Hwy 7 - ©Virginia deBruyn

Tulip Field Hwy 7 – ©Virginia deBruyn

It must be the increasing daylight that has brought out a burst of creative photographs from members of the Bridge Lake Photo Group.  And that despite compelling evidence that the hard fought battle between Winter and Spring has not yet been decisively won by the latter.  Witness – the snowfalls of May.

Pussy Willows in May 3rd snowstorm - ©Virginia deBruyn

Pussy Willows in May 3rd snowstorm – ©Virginia deBruyn

Nevertheless, there has been a spate of changes and additions to the BLPG website.

Annual Photo Exhibitions Menu Tab

Annual Photo Exhibitions Menu Tab

First has been the addition of a new Menu tab for Annual Photo Exhibition.  So far only the 6th Annual Photo Exhibition has been extensively featured but stay tuned for more.  And do explore the tab – the only thing it doesn’t show about the recently completed Photo Exhibition is the wonderful snacks and treats laid out for browsing.

As you can see from the top of this post, we have a new header – a detail from a beautiful photograph by Daryl Llewellyn of reflections of the still surface of Lac des Roches.  Two new images also take center stage on the Home page – a closeup view of Sweet Ruby by Glenn McBride and, from Doerte Pavlik,  a stunning night time view of the Vancouver waterfront visible from Stanley Park, complete with a “ghost” raccoon!

This month’s Featured Photo, by Nigel Hemingway, a visual definition of “sinuosity”, captures a fascinating New Brunswick bridge.

We welcome a new member the Bridge Lake Photo Group – John Mortimer – and honour his arrival with his Photographers Showcase page showing just a few of his images.  Keep an eye on the page because more of John’s images are coming.

Bridge Lake S Heron July 2013 - ©John Mortimer

Bridge Lake S Heron July 2013 – ©John Mortimer

New photographs have also been added to the Photographers Showcase pages of Doug Boyce, Larry Citra, Viginia deBruyn, Gun Granberg, Nigel Hemingway, Diane Sullivan, and Sue Wolfe.

Doug Boyce has captured another image of nature in the raw:

Merlin Lunchtime - ©Doug Boyce

Merlin Lunchtime – ©Doug Boyce

Larry Citra threw off the shackles of despair over the latest snow storm, strode out into it, and captured some wonderful early Spring images.  Suffering from snow overload, however, his inspiration for different, scintillating, imaginative captions has been exhausted – yet another BLPG member who has enough of this never ending winter weather.  A quick dash off the plateau and down into real Spring weather did cause him to stop and snap a photo of what new leaves look like with the sun shining through – something that may be seen here in mid-July I suppose.

Spring Snow 5 - © Larry Citra

Spring Snow 5 – © Larry Citra

Gun Granberg, with help from Virginia deBruyn (a couple of whose new photographs are at the top of this post, and many more of which are in Virginia’s Photographers Showcase page), has released individual photographs from her stunning display at the Photo Exhibition.  Here’s one of them, but you should see the remainder on Gun’s Photographers Showcase page:

Ridden Hard - ©Gun Granberg

Ridden Hard – ©Gun Granberg

Nigel Hemingway shared more of his Bonaire photographs.  If you look at Nigel’s Photographers Showcase page, you’ll find an intriguing photograph of salt piles, salt being a major export item from Bonaire.  The scale is somewhat indeterminate from that image, but here’s the rest of the story – as seen by the size of the conveyor belts and the salt pile forming machinery:

Making Mounds -Bonaire - ©Nigel Hemingway

Making Mounds -Bonaire – ©Nigel Hemingway

Diane Sullivan ventured out onto Green Lake in her Grumman canoe to take photographs of icebergs – mini-ones that is – and an adventuresome passenger.  No need to wonder why it’s called Green Lake:

Spider on Ice - ©Diane Sullivan

Spider on Ice – ©Diane Sullivan

And Sue Wolfe has just returned from a trip to London and Paris.  Amongst her photographs was this intriguing shot of Big Ben and the London Eye from an unusual angle:

Big Ben - ©Sue Wolfe

Big Ben – ©Sue Wolfe

Take a look at Sue’s Photographers Showcase page for more London views.

And so we wait for the warming trend – although it appears to be still some weeks away:

Is there a warming tend in the offing?

Is there a warming trend in the offing?



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