It’s April – No Fooling

P1000004 - ©Mariln Niemiec

March Gives Way – ©Marilyn Niemiec

Things are starting to look a little more promising at Bridge Lake.  A few days of warm sun and the snow has begun to melt, deep drifts sinking towards the ground, torrents of water pouring off snow and ice covered roofs.   The downside, of course, is the mud (Cariboo goop) that appears as the frozen ground finally begins to thaw.  But, hey, whose complaining?

Most of our focus is on the upcoming 6th Annual Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition.  But we still need to appreciate winter’s wane and the return of the sun’s welcome heat.  Thus a short update about some changes to the BLPG website – a new header and two new photos on the Home page plus a new Featured Photo.

Shadows and Aspens - © Larry Citra

Shadows and Aspens – © Larry Citra

Chevy Belair ws - ©Sue Wolfe

Chevy Belair ws – ©Sue Wolfe

The talented Sue Wolfe makes a double appearance – not only is one of her photos on the Home page, but Larry Citra has chosen another of her photos as this month’s Featured Photo:

Hello Chevy - ©Sue Wolfe

Hello Chevy – ©Sue Wolfe

Now, back to preparation work for the Photo Exhibition ….

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