Where is Spring?

Spring in Bridge Lake

No Spring in Bridge Lake


So, where is it?  Why do we have to have a snow shower, even sometimes a snowstorm, every single day?  Haven’t we suffered enough?

Despite the rampant cabin fever, some BLPG members are still producing creative, stimulating photos.  In the month of March we’ve been treated to selections from Diane Sullivan, Sue Wolfe, Larry Citra and Glenn McBride.  Check out each of their Photographers Showcase pages; the new March additions are highlighted.  Here’s a sampling.

Diane Sullivan introduced us to what happens to a soap bubble blown at -20C.  The walls instantly freeze so the bubble becomes a glass-like bauble.  Those that survive their fall to the ground will sit there, even overnight, still perfectly formed since their hard frozen shell permits no air to escape.  Sometimes, however, the bubble will “explode” while in the air, transforming it into a delicate shower of shiny glass fragments.

Bubble 1 - © Diane Sullivan

Bubble 1 – © Diane Sullivan

Sue Wolfe treated us to a bunch of intriguing photographs, some taken in an old automobile bone yard and surrounding area in Washington state, a feasting eagle and a of a watchful cat.  But the automobile photo that caught everyone’s eye was actually taken in 100 Mile House!

Chevy Belair ws - ©Sue Wolfe

Chevy Belair ws – ©Sue Wolfe

Larry Citra has a knack for catching the very essence of Bridge Lake winters, which, despite going on a mite too long, provide some of the most beautiful scenes one could hope for.  Here’s is an artistic rendering of a late winter/early spring scene:

Shadows and Aspens - © Larry Citra

Shadows and Aspens – © Larry Citra

Finally, in his selection, Glenn McBride has reminded us of warmer times, the eye-catchingness of chrome, and the power of reflections – here’s the latter:

Double Decker Duck - ©Glenn McBride

Double Decker Duck – ©Glenn McBride

While we’re on the subject of Glenn McBride, congratulations are in order.  Glenn submitted a number of his photographs for consideration at the recent Kamloops Cowboy Festival.  Glenn placed third which is an excellent result since, for example, first prize went to a professional photographer (think National Geographic magazine) from Nebraska (not Joel Sartore!).  Well done Glenn.  Although the winning photo is already on this website, in Glenn’s Photographers Showcase page, here it is again:

Horse Hideout - © Glenn McBride

Horse Hideout – © Glenn McBride

At Eagleridge, on Saturday, March 29, we held a sensor cleaning and computer screen calibrating workshop attended by nine members.  Larry Citra ran a sensor cleaning assembly line, while I calibrated a bunch of monitors.  One outcome was to hear Larry falling in love with the Sensor Gel Stick.  You can read about it here.  The tool is available from Photography Life.  From now on we’ll be looking forward to great photos taken by cameras whose sensors are uncluttered by hay, straw, leaves and other detritus, photos which have been expertly massaged on razor sharp colour corrected monitors.  Doesn’t get better than that!

And last, but definitely not least: don’t forget to make every attempt to attend our 6th Annual Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition.  Come for the photos, come for the slide shows and videos, and come for the food – it’s all free!  We all very much enjoy showing off what we’ve been up to this past year.  Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 1 PM to 4 PM at the Bridge Lake School.  See you there at this popular annual event (last year’s attendance: 178).

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