Goodbye February

Last Gasp?

Last Gasp?

There’s one last slap from the Arctic Vortex coming to start off March, but then, surely, the battle between the sun and the snow will begin to turn in the former’s favour?

To encourage the awakening of Spring, we’re giving it some hints through the changes to the website.  First, the header – a detail taken from a shot by Sue Wolfe – pointedly suggests that it is time for the ground to appear through melting snow so the pansies can get going.  We follow that by some photos of birds we think it’s time to see – Nuthatch by Doug Boyce and Bluebird by Diane Sullivan.

This month’s Featured Image, “Lazy Cat” by Dennis McCoy, makes me think of warm sunbeams creating pockets of warmth for basking cats.  I know that our outside feral cats are enjoying every fleeting opportunity to congregate in front of our large white shop door, soaking up both the direct and reflected heat from the afternoon sun.

Reflections 2 - ©Daryl Llewelyn

Reflections 2 – ©Daryl Llewelyn

Despite the snow and cold weather, February has been a busy month for the Bridge Lake Photo Group.  Not only have we added new members, we also welcome a new photographer, Daryl Llewellyn, to the Photographers Showcase.  Be sure to look at some of Daryl’s beautiful reflection images of Lac des Roches –  still water, interesting clouds, and a steady hand.

Other photographers (Diane Sullivan, Dennis McCoy, Doug Boyce, Marilyn Niemiec and Sue Wolfe) have also provided new images (see the New Additions – February, 2014 portfolio on each’s Photographers Showcase page).

Macro Icewater - ©Doug Boyce

Macro Icewater – ©Doug Boyce

We start with Doug Boyce’s beautiful macro image. but then follow immediately with Sue Wolfe’s striking image of a rain splattered old Chev truck:

Hello Chevy - ©Sue Wolfe

Hello Chevy – ©Sue Wolfe

Next comes Diane Sullivan’s dynamic capture of the annual hockey game on Green Lake featuring some former Vancouver Canucks (how many can you identify?).

Hockey Game - ©Diane Sullivan

Hockey Game – ©Diane Sullivan

Marilyn Niemiec caught a curious buck, sporting a dapper snow chapeau, perfectly placed into the winter landscape:

Snowy Buck - ©Marilyn Niemiec

Snowy Buck – ©Marilyn Niemiec

And Dennis McCoy, when he wasn’t photographing his contented cat, got this one:

Doe on a Stump - ©Dennis McCoy

Doe on a Stump – ©Dennis McCoy

I can imagine the doe thinking, “Whatever it takes!”

There were two BLPG meetings in February as well as a Lightroom 5 Workshop (II. Advanced Features of Library and Develop modules).  A repeat of this workshop is scheduled for March 15 and there are still some seats available if you’re interested.

Finally, we are all looking forward to Sunday, April 13, and the 6th Annual Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition. Many of us are busily preparing slideshow presentations and photo exhibition boards.  Be sure to plan to attend.

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