6th Annual Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition – Sunday, April 13th, 2014

It’s official!  The date of the 6th edition of the annual Bridge Lake Photo Exhibition  is confirmed as Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 1 PM – 4 PM.  Be sure to put that date on your calendar because the Photo Exhibition is one of our most popular events of the year.  Last year it was attended by over 180 people.  Entrance is free, and there are lots of drinks as well as baked goodies and sandwiches to be slurped and chomped.  So note the date and be prepared for an inspiring and pleasurable afternoon.

There are three components to the Photo Exhibition:

  • Photo Boards by individual Bridge Lake Photo Group members

There are 16 Photo Boards each 4′ x 8′ but a board can be shared by more than one photographer.  Board reservations must be made via email to Larry Citra.

  • Slideshows also by individual BLPG members

Slideshows should be from 2 – 4 minutes.  If you’re going to prepare a slideshow (or two), let Brenda Hillyer know before the end of February.  Here are Brenda’s comments:

Each person’s show is a creative work of their own, and if themes are duplicated, it just adds to the show. Your photos or videos need not be from this year, but from your collection – it’s the quality that matters really. If you have used images in past go ahead and use them this year in a new show.

You are welcome to make one or two shows. You will be introducing your shows to the audience.


  • Photos – start with your best quality photos; use the highest resolution to make your slideshow
  • Theme – we have noticed over the years that the audience enjoys a theme to your slideshow. Favourites can even be a theme
  • Music – music or sounds add a lot to your show. If you don’t want music or sounds, feel free to leave it out
  • Time – 2-4 minutes works well. Absolutely no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Output – should be at your program’s best quality. Some of the preferred formats are: mov, mpg, mpeg, m2t, avi


  • Guidelines are the same as slideshows starting with your best video clips, at your highest resolution

Deadline to Commit

  • The date to let me know if you plan to make a show is Friday, February 28th

A note or two about software you can use on a Mac to create a slideshow:  Adobe Elements on the Mac does not contain a slideshow module (it does on the PC); Lightroom (on either PC or Mac) has a very comprehensive Slideshow module; another option is FotoMagico, available from Boinx Software ($99.99 US).

Whatever software you use, once your slideshow is complete you want to be able to output it as a video because that is how it will be played.  Rob Tillyer has all the technical details.

  • A repeating slideshow displaying a small selection of images from each of many BLPG members

Rob Tillyer is collecting a maximum of 5 images from each BLPG member to become part of one of the most popular features of the Photo Exhibition, the repeating slideshow.  Rob promises that this year’s slideshow will be stupendous!  Here are Rob’s instructions:

Time to begin picking images or short video clips for the television display at this year’s Photo Exhibition.  Pick 5 of your favourite images or video clips(10 seconds or less), colour or monochrome.You can send less than 5, but if you send me more than 5 images, I will not include any of them. They should be in the highest resolution, any size or format (vertical or horizontal), but should be least 1080 pixels high. These should be finished images. Send them to me as JPEG, TIFF or PSD files. You can put them on a memory stick, email them to me (one at a time because the files may be large ), or put them in Dropbox.

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