BLPG Additions and Changes

We’re in the deep freeze, so my outside adventures are limited to bundled dashes from point A to point B, and lots of time to get caught up on things.  That includes mentioning all the BLPG website changes that have been taking place in the background.

After each BLPG meeting, any photos that have been brought to the meeting for us to enjoy and discuss find their way onto the website.  That has certainly been the case for the two meetings in January, 2014.  Your attention is drawn to new additions to the following member’s Photographer Showcase pages: Nigel Hemingway, Diane Hopp, Glenn McBride, Derek Chambers, Sue Wolfe, Doerte Pavlik and Doug Boyce.  The new additions are easy to find: they are at the top of each photographer’s page under the title January, 2014.  Here’s a sampling:

And, because it is February, we’ve made some changes to the website’s appearance.

First, the header:  I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.  It’s winter, it’s cold outside, and although we are surrounded by astonishingly beautiful winter scenes of trees, rimed by hoar frost, outlined against a pure blue sky, gleaming in the sunlight, it is hard not to think of sunlit warm white sand beaches washed by the waves of an inviting warm blue ocean, and us basking in the warm days – get the picture?  Thus the new header.

And you may have noticed that there are a couple of new photos on the front page.  One benefit of the winter sun is its low angle at our latitude, warming any late afternoon images that take advantage of it.  Where I live. our Great Room window look west south west and we are treated to some amazing sunsets.  To keep with the warm theme for the front page, I included an image of one recent striking sunset.  At the same, to keep some degree of verisimilitude, I’ve included a reality shot by Sue Wolfe!

And finally, unbeknownst to editor Larry, I have chosen this month’s Featured Image and done the writeup.  Take a look at what Nigel Hemingway has captured – a real keeper.

A note of things coming soon:

  • Lightroom 5 Workshop II – Advanced Features of Library, Develop and More Saturday, February 8, 2014
  • Bridge Lake Annual Photo Exhibition – stay tuned for details
  • Precis of another lecture by Joel Sartore in his Great Courses “Fundamentals of Photography”
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