Get the Perfect Moonrise (or Sunrise, Sunset, Moonset) Image

Have you ever wanted to capture one of those astonishing images of the huge full moon partially risen from behind a ridge?  Or that picture of the sun setting right in the valley cleft between two mountains?

Want a (mostly) free application to find out exactly where you have to be, where your camera should be pointed and when the event will occur?  Then you need the Photographer’s Ephemeris:

Directions and Times from Eagleridge

Directions and Times from Eagleridge

This handy little ephemeris will give you lots of useful information about rising and setting times for the sun and the moon at any point on the earth and for any date and time.  So, if you are in Namibia, New Orleans, or Nelson, you can find out the rise and set directions.  You’ll be shown those on a map, with your chosen location marked by a pin.  You’ll also be told the altitude of the ground at the pin position.  You can move the pin around to find the highest or lowest nearby point.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is free for Windows or Mac desktops, although it is suggested that you make a donation if you like and use it.  For iPhone, iPad or any Android device there is a modest cost ($9).

Note that this is just one of many similar applications, but I have found it fun to play with.  Download it and give it a try.  You might agree with me.

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