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One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending a regular Bridge Lake Photo Group meeting is seeing the photographs that members bring along to share and discuss.  Not only are the photographs captivating, but interesting and entertaining  discussions are often triggered by some of them.  We may be led into examining a variety of image croppings and the effect each one has on the image’s visual impact.  Or whether there might have been an improvement by taking a slightly different perspective, perhaps moving the camera left or right just a small amount.  Or how a subtle adjustment to the focus point, aperture, exposure, ISO etc would have altered what was captured.  A lot of learning takes place!

We just had a meeting, and were treated to new images.  Here’s a few (the remainder are in the Photographers Showcase area dedicated to each photographer).

First up is Sue Wolfe with her winter scenes, one of which is:

Winter Barn - © Sue Wolfe

Winter Barn – © Sue Wolfe

We see a lot of those “snow curls” these days!  Notice how the low angled winter sun lights up the trees, fence and snow, enabling the subtle reflected illumination of the barn wall, bringing out its wonderful redness.

Nigel Hemingway gave us a number of photos from the Maritimes.  Here’s one which caught my eye, a visual definition of “sinuous”:

Bouctouche NB - © Nigel Hemingway

Bouctouche NB – © Nigel Hemingway

Glenn McBride was out taking photos, of horses and a working team pulling a hay sled some of which are shown in the new additions section of his Photographers Showcase page.  But my favourite is of a barn taken at a different time and place.  This particular barn is on the remaining slice of a slowly diminishing hay field just at a curve of Highway 5 north of Barriere (the North Thompson River is also sweeping around the curve, year by year nibbling away more of the land).  Because we all pass by the picturesque barn on our trips to Kamloops, it has been featured in many different photographs over the years.  Here’s Glenn’s recent take on it:

Elderbarn - © Glenn McBride

Elderbarn – © Glenn McBride

You can see the white of the snow and the blue of the barn’s shadow, but the slate grey in the background is the river, annually inching closer.

From Calgary Doug Boyce has sent us an image of a merlin, not the wizard but the bird (actually a small falcon).

Merlin - © Doug Boyce

Merlin – © Doug Boyce

Doerte Pavlik has been busy with her digital painting.  She has moved to creating digital paintings like a painter, starting from a blank digital canvas, using only digital tools.  In Doerte’s new additions section of her Photographers Showcase you can see a number of examples of her finished work, moving from model to final painting – the results are intriguing.

Remi - Final canvas - © Doerte Pavlik

Remi – Final canvas – © Doerte Pavlik

Finally, I added three of my own, nothing special – just two of Eagleridge at various times of day and one of our old cabin (stylized).

Eagleridge Winter Sunset - © Derek Chambers

Eagleridge Winter Sunset – © Derek Chambers

At  our meeting we also watched the next chapter in Joel Sartore’s “Fundamentals of Photography”, on photographing wildlife.  But that will be the subject of a separate post.

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