Last Changes of 2013 (Maybe) …

2013 is winding down and some last minute changes have been made to our website.

Either you are a person who embraces Winter, reveling in the cold, crisp days, brilliant blue skies, glorious sunshine reflecting off the sparkling snow, warm low-angled late afternoon light and stunning sunrises and sunsets, or you flee to warmer places (Palm Springs, Maui, Puerto Vallarta) and miss all that horrible white stuff which makes it so hard to get around and gets down the neck of your jacket when you’re cleaning it off your vehicle.

Morning Arrives At Eagleridge - © Derek Chambers

Morning Arrives At Eagleridge – © Derek Chambers

Sorry, I am the former, so the front page of our website goes a little overboard.  A new header, rime covered pine boughs, has been chosen, representing the reality of a Cariboo winter.  Two further Winter photos find pride of place on the front page:  Dennis McCoy’s Bridge Creek (already mentioned in a previous post), and Montana Creek by Larry Citra (he surprises us, a celebration of Winter from one who flees so determinedly to the sun, sand, sea and surf of the tropics about this time).

Montana Creek2 - © Larry Citra

Montana Creek2 – © Larry Citra

Inside we have once again called upon Sue Wolfe to select the Featured Image.  Sue has chose Glenn McBride’s photo of the RCMP Musical Ride and given use the reasons for her selection.  You can check it out out here:

RCMP Musical Ride - ©Glenn McBride

RCMP Musical Ride – ©Glenn McBride

There are lots of good things to look forward to in January and later months of 2014, among which are Lightroom workshops, and the BLPG Photo Exhibition.

Reminder: the meeting dates for January have been changed to January 9 and January 23.

With that, we wish you all a happy and creative New Year.

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1 Response to Last Changes of 2013 (Maybe) …

  1. larrycitra says:

    Well Derek, surprisingly enough, I do like winter ………… just not so much of it and for so long ………… so Aloha my friend! And a Happy new year to everyone and happy shooting in 2014!


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