A Potpurri of Items

On the last day of November, we held a very successful Lightroom 5 Workshop I at Eagleridge (a workshop in a workshop).

You can read about it, and see some of the results in the Activities > Workshops section of the website, specifically here.

In particular, be sure to check out how the participants improved this photo:

Amsterdam Dawn

Amsterdam Dawn

Lightroom 5 Workshop II, covering some of the additional features of modules Library and Develop as well as the powerful Print module, is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 2014.  We’ll also do a quick review of the major topics of Workshop I.  There are already 8 participants registered, so if you are interested in attending get in touch quickly.


Our first December BLPG meeting was a bit of a challenge – bitterly cold so for many it was difficult to move away from the fireplace.  Nevertheless, some did, including Larry Citra who filed this meeting report:

Hello Everyone!

Our last meeting, which was attended by 9 members who braved the cold temperatures, will be our last meeting for this year, as the 3rd Thursday is getting close to Christmas and I’m sure everyone will have plenty to do anyway.

Because the first regular January meeting would be on the 2nd, which is rather close to New Years we have decided to hold the first January meeting on the 9th and the second meeting on the 23rd. After that the meeting will return to their normal times of the first and third Thursdays of each month.

Last Thursday’s meeting started out with lots of discussion on various  subjects, photographic and otherwise (me finding a large Black Widow Spider in a bunch of grapes from Save-On-Foods for instance!) and ended with another chapter of “The Fundamentals of Photography”. We viewed Lecture 12 “Let’s Go to Work – Landscapes at this meeting. Derek will be writing it up on the website shortly.

We’ve had a really great year with the Bridge Lake Photo Group in 2013 and if I don’t see you before the Christmas Season have a wonderful time during the holidays and we’ll see you in 2014 (can you believe that, 2014!, where has the time gone?)

Happy Shooting, Cheers, Larry


Calgary Zoom Blast - © Doug Boyce

Calgary Zoom Blast – © Doug Boyce

We also looked at a number of photographs submitted by Doug Boyce; they have been added to his Photographers Showcase page which can be found here.

Larry Citra has also added a couple of photos to his Photographers Showcase.  Here’s one of them (the other is here):

Montana Creek2 - © Larry Citra

Montana Creek2 – © Larry Citra


Finally, Larry Citra has shared a couple of articles with me that I thought contained some very useful advice:

I found one of Jim Zuckerman’s comments about getting down – indeed lying on the ground – particularly relevant: As one gets older, it’s harder and harder to do this — and then to get up again — but if you can manage it, the results are worth the effort.

Next BLPG Meeting:  Thursday, January 9, 2014.

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