What Happens When They Take The Tables Away?

Well, that was an interesting meeting!

The regular November “second Thursday of the Month” meeting was a little different from normal – the tables had been removed from the classroom in the Bridge Lake School where we normally meet.  Luckily, Brenda Tillyer, the Librarian at the Bridge Lake Library, is a member of our group, so we met instead in the Library.

You need to understand that the classroom we usually meet in and the classroom in which the Library is located are the same size.  One difference though:  the latter is filled with books, tables, terminals, racks and all the other Library necessities.  So, no room for a screen but just enough room for the fifteen or so people who came out for the meeting.

Instead of viewing the images that members had brought in, we had a number of fascinating discussions: about field trips; about Adobe’s subscription model and the limited time reduced cost offer of the Adobe CC + Lightroom 5 bundle ($9.95 a month for a one year subscription with no requirement to own a previous version of either).

We also spent a lot of time talking about whether it is legitimate to make changes to a digital image, using Lightroom, Photoshop or any other editing program, or whether we should simply compose and expose the image correctly so that we accept what comes out of the camera as the final image.  All in all, it was an illuminating discussion, with lots of different viewpoints.

We also talked a bit about sensor cleaning.  Nigel Hemingway identified a very interesting product – a sensor cleaning gel stick.  You can find out more about it at http://photographylife.com/sensor-gel-stick-now-available-limited-stock.  Apparently one camera manufacturer uses a gel stick to clean the sensor of every camera they make before it is shipped.

Despite not viewing the photos that members brought in, we did make copies of them.

First up is Dennis McCoy with a gorgeous painter-like view of Bridge Creek.  Two more of Dennis’s submitted photos have been added to his Photographers Showcase page.

Bridge Creek - © Dennis McCoy

Bridge Creek – © Dennis McCoy

Doug Boyce, from a distance, gave us four submissions, all of which have been added to his Photographers Showcase page.  Here’s one to whet your appetite for more:

Super Moon in June - © Doug Boyce

Super Moon in June – © Doug Boyce

And finally, Glenn McBride gave us eight photos.  You can find them all in Glenn’s Photographers Showcase page, but here’s my favourite:

Boy Feeding Chipmunks - © Glenn McBride

Boy Feeding Chipmunks – © Glenn McBride

On November 30th we’ll be running our Lightroom 5 Workshop.  So far we have a dozen people signed up.

Next meeting is December 5th, 2013,  in our regular classroom.

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1 Response to What Happens When They Take The Tables Away?

  1. diane sullivan says:

    Won’t be there for the 5th meeting but did have the privilege of going to the Royal Ontario Museum’s “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” display. You can see some of the images at the ROM site. Very worth while. I also went to the George C. Reifel Bird sanctuary in Delta B.C. before catching the ferry to Vic. Some very well-trained mallards, sandhill cranes and chickadees if seed is offered to them! Somehow getting the close-up of the sandhill crane wasn’t as gratifying as getting one in the wild. On your discussion as to whether it is legitimate to make changes on images, the Prince George photo club enters the Lion’s Gate Celebration of Nature photo contest, which has a rule of “no hand of man”. This means there can’t be anything in the photo man-made and that there is limited ‘playing’ that can be done with the image. Some great images there also. See you maybe in Dec. or next year! Merry Christmas, from Diane.


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