Lots of New Photos Added

Because October, 2013 was one of those months that had five Thursdays in it, three weeks went by between the last Bridge Lake Photo Group meeting in October and the first meeting in November.

Keen photographers never stop taking photos, however, so a backlog built up, and they all came out eagerly for our November 7th meeting to show us a sampling of their efforts.

Well, not all.

Because of challenging and nerve-wracking driving conditions (think: pitch black night, swirling snow darting at your windshield, road margins indistinct at best, high beams blind you and low beams don’t penetrate very far ahead – got the picture?), this meeting was more lightly attended than usual.  Nevertheless, the brave stalwarts who made it came with lots of photos.

Diane Sullivan drove the furthest, and brought photos of her recent road trip to Clinton Falls, a place close enough for us to think of it as a potential field trip destination for Spring, 2014.

Clinton Falls Trail - © Diane Sullivan

Clinton Falls Trail – © Diane Sullivan

Dennis McCoy showed up with a collection of photos he took on a recent trip to Nelson Island near Sechelt on BC’s Sunshine Coast.  Here’s one showing the lingcod he caught just by casting off the dock!

Lingcod - © Dennis McCoy

Lingcod – © Dennis McCoy

Diane Hopp had just returned from a workshop in the Rockies.  Besides some fascinating elk photos, she also caught Herbert Lake at dawn in a beautiful scenic photo.

Herbert Lake at Dawn 1 - © Diane Hopp

Herbert Lake at Dawn 1 – © Diane Hopp

Glenn McBride showed us four photos, one of which was a rare sight: a caribou seen between Wells and Barkerville.

Caribou between Wells and Barkerville - © Glenn McBride

Caribou between Wells and Barkerville – © Glenn McBride

The Gang Ranch, once the largest in North America, now the second largest in Canada, after the Douglas Lake Ranch, was the subject of some of the seven wonderful images provided by Sue Wolfe.

©Sue Wolfe-Straw Rolls

©Sue Wolfe-Straw Rolls

Jane Murray brought in a collection of photos she’d taken during her recent trip to London and Wales.

Big Ben through the London Eye - © Jane Murray

Big Ben through the London Eye – © Jane Murray

Doug Boyce, who is always with us in spirit but is physically elsewhere, submitted some images via the internet for our enjoyment.

©Doug Boyce - Dragonfly

©Doug Boyce – Dragonfly

These are just a few of the photos with which we were entertained.  Check out each photographer’s Showcase page to see all their work, including the new additions.

And kudos to the brave attendees who displayed such pioneer spirit to attend the meeting!

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