Are you interested in attending a (free) hands on Lightroom 5 workshop?

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Larry Citra and I have been discussing the possibility of putting on a Lightroom course.

The format would be a one day hands on workshop.  The intention is that you would leave the workshop confidently able to get started with Lightroom, or even ready to look at some of its more advanced features.

We would cover at least the basics of each of the main Lr modules: Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web.  We would also show you some of the popular Add Ons particularly those from Nik (Google), OnOne Software and Topaz Labs.

If you have a laptop, you would be encouraged to bring it.  If you have not already purchased and installed Lightroom 5, we’d encourage you to download the Trail version. You can purchase Lightroom directly from Adobe (as a digital download), from B & H Photo, Video and Pro Audio, or from Amazon. The latter is the best source if you want the disk.

We would plan the course for a weekend day, whichever was most popular.

And if the workshop was successful, we would consider offering another one that would cover many of the more advance features of Lightroom 5.

While there are many video resources available on the web to learn Lightroom 5, sometimes doing it in a group allows one to get questions answered immediately and therefore to move up the learning curve with fewer starts and stops.

Would you be interested in attending such a workshop, assuming that the date and time worked for you?  Please express your interest, or ask any questions, by commenting on this post.

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9 Responses to Are you interested in attending a (free) hands on Lightroom 5 workshop?

  1. Yes I am interested in attending as I would like to broaden my knowlwdge of Lightrooom 5, I am currently using LR3. Thx M


  2. Les Anderson says:

    Yes, but due to travel restrictions I will have to wait until you have one in the summer time.


  3. AnnMarie Brown says:

    I have been watching the tutorials on tube but there are several things i red help with.Would go to workshop if time etc worked out.


  4. Celia Visscher says:

    Yes, I would like to know more about Lightroom.


  5. enmanscamera says:

    Good idea Derek. I get requests for Lightroom help all the time…Not a lightroom user myself, I am sure a course by you would be very good and will suggest they travel.


  6. Nigel Hemingway says:

    Count me in depending on the date.


  7. I would be interested but have no laptop to bring. How would it work without a computer to follow along.


    • You could certainly follow along if that would work for you. It wouldn’t be as useful as hands-on, but at the end of the day you would have seen a lot about Lightroom, what it can do, and how to make it do it. It’s up to you!


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